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Cables from Spacetime 2

Open studio exhibition May 2021

Prints, physical objects or experience in virtual realit in one exhibition space. Experimenting and testing with new approaches in creative process. 

Inside physical reality created physical objects.

Inside virtual reality created virtual objects.

Virtual objects transformed back to physical objects.

Physical objects transformed back to virtual objects.

3D into 2D

2D into 3D

2D into 2D

3D into 3D

VR part:

Mapping of specific environment with added virtual objects possible to see only in headset. Project was made with intention to be easily approachable for people who are not so familiar with virtual reality.


Blending physical space with the virtual in a way to create sense of mixed reality. Recreating main feature characteristic of given physical space with added abilities which virtual world is offering. Like limiting boundary of participant wearing VR headset is set with virtual elevation where people wont step outside of boundary area because of fear falling down among others.

Searching for ways to make VR more approachable in exhibition space.

Work in progress.


Created by: Radovan Dranga

Virtual reality and 3D created by: Adam Dekan and Radovan Dranga.

Made in: Gravity Sketch, Blender and Unity.

1Cables from Spacetime-.jpg
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